Stuff We Love: Airline Launches Art Gallery In the Sky

Leah Bourne

Virgin Atlantic Gallery in the Air 10Virgin Atlantic, the brainchild of UK billionaire Richard Branson, has just launched what it is calling “Gallery in the Air,” the first art gallery where people can actually purchase art at 35,000 feet above sea level. The project is the first of several initiatives by the airline to up the ante in its upper class cabin.
Here’s how it will work. The artwork will be on display across Virgin Atlantic clubhouses in the London Heathrow, JFK, and Newark airports, where travelers will be able to look at the canvases in person. Onboard the plane, passengers will be able to take a virtual tour of the pieces on sale, look at behind the scenes footage of how the art was made and, finally, make that art purchase.
The first artist to be exhibited is Ben Eine, a London-based painter known for his neon street art. Eine’s work will be exhibited during February.
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