Casual Sex Is a Lot More Common (and Satisfying) Than You Might Think

STYLECASTER | Casual Sex Study
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People in relationships always seem to look down on those in friends-with-benefits situations, but it turns out, those on the more casual side of the spectrum may actually have a better idea of what makes for a satisfying sexual relationship.

DrEd conducted a survey of 500 Americans and 500 Europeans to examine the popularity of friends-with-benefits relationships and to see if they’re actually a good idea. And it turns out, not only are they super-common—57 percent of respondents have been in one—but they’re also more sexually satisfying than traditional relationships.

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Fifty-one percent of Americans in a FWB arrangement said they were sexually satisfied, 30 percent were somewhat satisfied, and 19 percent were dissatisfied.

Comparatively, only 43 percent of Americans in traditional relationships were satisfied, 26 were somewhat satisfied, and a whopping 31 percent were dissatisfied.

Then again, it kind of makes sense. In a romantic relationship, sex is just one part of what makes being together worthwhile—but if the sex with your FWB isn’t any good, then what’s the point? You might as well just go back to being friends and find someone else to get your jollies with instead.

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Another surprising statistic? Though there’s a stereotype that Europeans are more casual about sex, when it comes to FWB arrangements, Americans overwhelmingly prefer them compared to our friends across the pond. 58 percent of Americans say FWB arrangements are more convenient than a traditional relationship, while just 34 percent of Europeans agree.

So the next time your married friend tries to judge you for hooking up with your pal instead of investing in a “real” relationship, you can rest easy knowing you’re not alone in how you get your rocks off. To each their own, for sure, but it’s clear there’s at least some benefit to keeping things casual in the bedroom.

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