A study in anthropologie during a recession


For its tendency to be associated with kitsch, craft stores and shoddiness, “Do-it-yourself” has gotten a bad wrap in the past (although I still have positive associations of Todd Oldham on MTV’s “House of Style” giving tips on how to turn your dorm room into a tiki lounge. Anyone? No?)

Anthropologie, the more feminine, older sister of Urban Outfitters with pricier tastes, is now jumpstarting the DIY bandwagon again, hoping to keep its client base throughout the recession.

The retail chain announced that stores around the country will host a series of reinvention workshops, teaching shoppers how to get more out of the existing items in their wardrobes.

Seminars have covered making hair accessories, wrapping packages with scarves, reinventing plush toys, refashioning blouses and revamping last year’s gloves and hats. To find out when the next one is in your area, check with your local store.