Happy 35th Anniversary Studio 54: Here Are 7 Ways To Bring A Little Warhol Into Your Life

Jessica Rubin

Thirty five years ago today, the infamous doors of Studio 54 were flung open, admitting the who’s who of New York City’s creatives. The nightclub soon found itself at the very center of NYC nightlife, and is arguably the most famous night spots in the world. Studio 54 was a melting pot where some of the greatest, artistic minds of our time flocked, shared ideas and, frankly, partied. A lot.

With the likes of Truman Capote, Mick and Bianca Jagger, Cher, Diane von Furstenberg and so many more filling the room, Studio 54 was a scene like nothing most of us have seen. While we may no longer be able to spend our night’s there a la 1977, we can certainly still channel its influences into our everyday lives.

So to celebrate Studio 54’s opening night, click through the slideshow above for seven ways to integrate a little disco into your home and closet!

What’s your favorite Studio 54 moment? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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