The 15 Best Student-Run College Fashion Magazines

Kristen Bousquet

In a world where magazines and bloggers are basically running the (fashion) show, it only makes sense that people want to get as much of a head start and experience on their resume as possible before graduating college. One way for students to get exposure to the world of fashion magazines and journalism is through student-run college fashion magazines.

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No, they aren’t run by famous fashion editors or famous publishing companies, but don’t be quick to assume these magazines are lackluster. These completely student-run publications are some of the most impressive fashion magazines out there. From the photography to the layouts to the journalism, everything is up to par with some of our favorite magazines you can buy on the newsstand today.

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You seriously have to check these out! Most of them are available for you to read online and they all have social media platforms for you to interact with! Click through the slideshow and get ready to be impressed!

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