This New Dating App Uses Astrology (!) To Predict Your Soulmate

Bella Gerard
This New Dating App Uses Astrology (!) To Predict Your Soulmate
Photo: Struck.

I love astrology. I love (okay, I use) dating apps. Still, for some reason, it’s never occurred to me to combine the two—which is why I’m shook at how clever an idea the new Struck astrology-based dating app truly is. I mean, haven’t we all spent hours combing over our crush’s birth charts? Googling to see if our signs are compatible? No more! This app matches users based on their signs and charts, and while I can sometimes be a skeptic, I have a lot of faith that this could actually work.

If you’re too busy swiping on Bumble, Hinge and Tinder to have even heard about Struck, let me backtrack. To get started on the app isn’t as simple as saying “I’m a sensitive, creative Pisces, help me find love!” Instead, Struck looks at your entire birth chart to determine exactly the kind of relationship you need. From there, users are presented up to four potential matches a day, and if both parties show interest, they can begin to chat.

If you’re unfamiliar with a birth chart, it basically displays where all the planets, sun, moon and astrological bodies were at the time of your birth, and from this information, a lot about one’s personality and inner self can be determined. Synastry is the study of how two people’s birth charts can affect their relationships, and is used in matchmaking practices worldwide—and now, for the first time, on a dating app. Oh, and as for who is doing the actual analyzing, Struck credits astrologer Nadine Jane as their astrology advisor.

After assessing your chart, Struck doesn’t just rely on your sun sign (aka, your main zodiac sign), but your rising and moon signs, too. Your rising sign determines your social personality, or how you behave and are perceived in public. Meanwhile, your moon sign reflects your inner thoughts, emotions and feelings. It’s not enough to just assume Geminis and Virgos will always be a good match—analyzing these additional facets of a person is what will (hopefully) make Struck’s love match predictions far more accurate.

Ready to download? TBH, I don’t blame you. Struck feels like a quarantine godsend! Unfortunately, since the app is still so new and in public beta, it’s only available on IOS (aka, for iPhone users) in select California neighborhoods. That said, you can request your neighborhood be included when they expand by submitting it on the Struck website. You best believe I’ve already submitted mine! If swiping hasn’t helped me yet, I’m willing to leave my love life to the stars.