Strippers on Film: 15 Actresses Who Worked the Pole


As if the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show wasn’t enough partial nudity for our boyfriends to view, making us want to cover their eyes as lingerie-clad Barbies prance down the runway–or better yet just change the channel. Unfortunately, chances are that when you switch the channel, you could land on a movie featuring the trend that is sweeping Hollywood–actresses playing strippers. Deciding to bare it all is nothing new, so we’ve broken down a list of which stars have taken these racy box office roles.

1. Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me

This doesn’t surprise us at all, but we bet you haven’t seen it… and we know making fun of LiLo is easy and somewhat entertaining, but we’d like to keep this movie on our unseen list.


2. Heather Graham in The Hangover

If you can’t stop him, join him…that’s all we have to say about this hysterical movie.


3. Salma Hayek in From Dusk Till Dawn and Dogma

Surprised? So were we.


4. Natalie Portman in Closer

We are huge fans of Portman and this film masquerading as a chick flick gave us some major eye candy.


5. Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler

This definitely has grungy/trashy stripper written all over it, so don’t be alarmed if you boy watches this one with his buddies.


6. Daryl Hannah in Dancing at the Blue Iguana

Hannah may have made the perfect mermaid, but stripper, not so much…


7. Jessica Biel in Powder Blue

JT must be proud of his girl. Biel gets very nude, but looks great, that’s all we have to say…


8. Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls

An’ 80s flick that will be hard to screen from your significant other, sine it tends to play over and over on TV all the time.


9. Demi Moore in Striptease

You can be sure that your boyfriend has already seen this. Sorry girls, but Demi is hot.


10. Rose McGowan in Grindhouse

This is at your, but just the name has got us cringing.


11. Mia Kirshner in Exotica

A story about a young woman whose routine is done dressed in a schoolgirl’s uniform…don’t get any ideas; this movie is creepy.


12. Jessica Alba in Sin City

Alba stands out in a great ensemble cast, but who wouldn’t in leather chaps?


13. Roselyn Sanchez in Yellow and Without a Trace

This girl seems to like playing the role of a stripper. Not a good sign.


14. Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies

Jamie Lee Curtis is a bit older now, but she looked smoking hot back in the day.


15. Jennifer Beals in Flashdance

Thought we’d save the best for last! Flashdance is our favorite ’80s stripper scene movie–good enough to watch together with your guy, even if Beals is running around in panties and shoulder-baring sweaters…oh yeah, and pouring water on her half naked body…