Street Style: Insider vs. Outsider


With Fashion Month behind us and spring showing itself, I’m taking a moment to reflect on the last day of New York Fashion Week when I had the opportunity to interview an industry insider and an outsider within two blocks and twenty minutes of each other.

Meet industry insider Kyle Anderson, Senior Accessories Editor at Elle. Kyle was between shows enjoying what would be the warmest day of February and hiseclectic, well-curated mix of designer pieces caught my eye. Kyle’s observations on the week: “It’s a lot more competitive for the ladies.”

Speaking of ladies, is that Julia Stages that construction worker Robert Smith spotted? Oh, Julia Stiles. Justtwo blocks south of the pristine plaza with its landmark fountain, I chatted with Smith, a decided outsider with an observant, appreciative eye. Smith is a constructionworker who had a front row seat along 62nd street, where the back doors to the tents are lined up like entrances to fun houses at a carnival. Asked about the ad hoc runway show he was watching all week? “I like the shoes. They should do a show of just shoes.”

Take a moment to watch these two approaches to fashion week. Which do you respond to more? Personally, I marvel at the variety of life in New York and how the natural ebb and flow of citylife forces us to consider the world from different perspectives.