Street Style Barcelona – Hot Pants, Stripes And Harems Galore


Hallelujah, it’s summer the perfect time to play with color and add some flair to your outfit. Follow me around Europe, and check out what’s sizzling on the streets.

First stop: Barcelona.

Stars In Stripes
Spotted In: Barceloneta – Barcelona, Spain92944 1275660187 486x Street Style Barcelona – Hot Pants, Stripes And Harems Galore

92943 1275660183 486x Street Style Barcelona – Hot Pants, Stripes And Harems GaloreMaybe it’s Picasso, maybe it’s the sea, but if there’s one fashion trend that reigns supreme in Barcelona, it’s stripes. T-shirts, scarves, hats, you name it you’re bound to see people of all ages rocking la ropa a rayas, and sometimes even matching them with their significant other. Although of different size and spacing, the combination of stripes here work well together, and her tomato red glasses round out the retro-nautical look. Perfecto!

Haute Harem

Spotted In: Barri Gtic – Barcelona, Spain92941 1275660178 486x Street Style Barcelona – Hot Pants, Stripes And Harems GaloreHayde and Susanna. Occupation: boutique keepers

Harem-style pants are all over Barcelona and are perfect for going from day to night on the beach scene. They’re comfortable and flattering on most shapes and can also be dressed up with heels and accessories, as seen on Hayde and Susanna, or dressed down with sandals and a bikini top. Since they have a lot of excess fabric, high-waisted styles can even be pulled up to double as a jumpsuit, if belted talk about versatility!

Short Cuts
Spotted In: Parc Gel – Barcelona, Spain
92942 1275660180 486x Street Style Barcelona – Hot Pants, Stripes And Harems GaloreLucy and Kate. Occupation: students, en route to the Primavera Sound Festival

What initially attracted me to Lucy and Kate was the ease with which they wear these shorts! While I would never have thought to pull them from the rack myself, these two have changed my mind. Although shorter than short, the high-waisted cuts are flattering to their figures, and the color adds the confidence this look needs. The more subtle touches work, too vintage boots sans socks, midriff cut tees, funky watches and retro shades solidify the ensembles and keep them fresh and fun.

Stay tuned Next stop: Rome, Italy.


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