We’re Shooting 5 Days of Street Style, With 5 Different Photographers!

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We all know by now that New York Fashion Week isn’t only about what goes on the runway,  but it’s also heavily about spotting killer street style. To that end, we’ve enlisted five top street fashion photographers to capture inspired l0oks through each of their individual lenses, over the course of the next five days.

Below, read up on who will be shooting for us, and let  us know which is your favorite

Adam Katz-Sinding, Le 21emè
Monday, September 8

The eye behind this popular site is more than more merely a street style photographer. Capturing style from Fashion Weeks and style hubs around the world, Katz-Sinding takes a photo-journalistic view into the daily world of fashion, and aims to capture the beauty of what your eye may not see upon first glance.

William Yan, WilliamYan
Tuesday, September 9

This New York native is fluent in street style, making him a go-to choice for capturing style photos for top streetwear brands. This week, he’ll be shooting with a rarely used medium: Real film (gasp!) to give us raw, organic shots that’ll be sure to feel as nostalgic as they do new.

Justin Bridges, By Bridges
Wednesday, September 10

This Atlanta transplant has carved a niche for himself in the world of fashion photography.  He’s less concerned with who his subject is, and is more interested in how they make his photographs feel, oftentimes resulting in portraits that are beautiful yet slightly brooding.

Jason Jean, Citizen Couture
Thursday, September 11

This former accountant tapped into his passion for photography when he went through a life altering change: he started losing his vision from Glaucoma. Faced with the fear that he may not be able to see in the future, he was driven to pursue his love for the visual medium.  At Citizen Couture, you’ll find fashion and beauty inspiration snapped from all sorts of creative communities around the world.

Youngjun Koo, I’m Koo
Friday, September 12

This young fashion photographer created his site to showcase all the unique individuals from different cultures all over the world.  He takes his style snaps one step further by providing multiple detail images for every outfit, crediting names, brands, and locations of where he finds his inspiration.