Street Style: New York – J. Daniel Elquist



J. Daniel Elquist


Editor-in-Chief and Designer of J.Elquist blog and neckware line

Where are you from:

San Francisco, CA

Favorite Designers and Stores:

“I’ve been in New York for three days, I walked into the Thom Browne boutique, which was amazing, the J.Crew Men’s shop, and Jeffrey’s in the meatpacking district. In San Francisco there is a shop call Sui GENERIS–that’s my favorite.”

Describe Your Personal Style:

“Its a mix of different styles, and I add my own flair to it. You know, like things you see Gianni Agnelli or Fred Astaire do back in the golden days, add it with Thom Brown or Ralph Lauren, the quintessential Americana style, I kind of mix them both and do my own thing with it.”

Head To Toe:

“I’m wearing a vintage tie, a Ralph Lauren button-down, Brooks Brothers cashmere cardigan, a Ruby vest, Rugby corduroy pants, and Converse Jack Purcell sear-sucker tennis shoes.”

Where are you headed:

“I’m actually doing exactly what you’re doing–walking around and looking for good style.”