Street Style: New York – Armand Vella



Armand Vella


Student at NYU

Where are you from:

Long Island, New York

Favorite Designers and Stores:

“It’s really hard to go into a place like Opening Ceremony or Odin and not love everything, but I’ve always tried to mix elements of different stuff.

Describe Your Personal Style:

“I used to dress really preppy back in the day; then I had a real street phase. I just think at a certain point I decided to try and introduce different things that haven’t been together before. But for the most part I just try to keep things skinny and hip looking and maintain a certain edge of masculinity with a little bit more of a street or preppy look.””

Head To Toe:

“I’m wearing a Rugby plaid button down; this is a Rugby cardigan too, and these are just straight Levi’s; they’re the only jeans that fit me. My socks are J.Crew actually, and my shoes are these plastic-ass Cole Haan’s, because my Dad bought me really ugly shoes for Christmas and I asked him to return them and get me these, so they were like $50 but I like them; they’re fun; I don’t have to worry about them. Oh, and vintage Ray-Bans.”

Where are you headed:

“I’m trying to find my friend a pair of shoes, then I’m heading to school; I’m Editor-in-Chief of Journal Politics on campus and I have a meeting later.”