24 Gorgeous Street Style Photos by Justin Bridges

24 Gorgeous Street Style Photos by Justin Bridges
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The style set has come out in droves for this week’s fashion spectacle and we’ve been tracking their every move—especially when it comes to what they’ve been wearing.  To really celebrate our street style obsession, we’ve decided to work with the folks capturing these amazing style moments by enlisting five different photographers to shoot this season’s sidewalk stars over the next five days, all with their own personal spin.

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Seven years ago Justin Bridges picked up a camera having no idea it would guide his entire career which—until then—was on a finance track. Shooting street style came naturally, as he hunted for energy and identity in the streets outside Fashion Week, rather than just a famous face or a designer label.

“I feel like I’ve failed when I share a picture and all you think is ‘dope shoes.’ I shoot for emotion, moments, and confidence. I love catching split seconds that sort of transform the moment from a simply stylish one into a more imaginative one where you start to think about the person’s coolness, or the type of person who is wearing the clothes,” Bridges said.

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The photographer has taken his simple street shots and elevated them into a full on career as photographer, working with all the top brands and magazines, publishing his own work on his blog.  This Fashion Week, he captured men and women on the only day in New York that wasn’t swelteringly hot, making for a gallery of some incredible transitional clothing.

Click through to see some serious denim, lots of light layering, and hints of bold colors!