The Best Laid-Back Street Style From Miami Swim Week

The Best Laid-Back Street Style From Miami Swim Week
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It might not have the same cache as ready-to-wear Fashion Weeks across the world, but Miami Swim Week has one thing going for it: Fun.

Swimwear, by default, isn’t something that’s meant to be taken that seriously—you wear it to the beach, the pool, or to chill in the backyard, not to meetings, work, or parties—which is why we always get a little giddy when we see photos from the yearly event.

Apart from checking out insanely cool, creative bathing suits, we also get to see runways that happen to be packed with models told to smile and look happy. A novel concept, we know. (Fine, we also get envious—swimwear runways showcase some of the best bodies in the world.)

That sense of fun and lightheartedness translates off the runway too, as evidenced by the street style we’ve seen so far. Whereas street fashion in New York or Paris will inevitably feature attendees looking fabulous but very serious, decked out in the best labels known to man, Swim Week style is massively laid back, super-summery, and, often, a little more realistic.

Here, we’ve gathered the best street style looks from Miami Swim Week so far, so take a look now. Warning: An immense gotta-go-on-vacation urge might commence.