Street Style: Exploring Iceland’s Crafty Chic Inspirations

Liz Doupnik
Street Style: Exploring Iceland’s Crafty Chic Inspirations
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I have a secret to reveal: sometimes New York street fashion bores me. I’m not trying to be a total and complete Negative Nancy, but finding gems in the concrete jungle is difficult and few and far between. Sure, during New York Fashion Week, editors, bloggers and others crowd the streets with the latest season’s collections and trends, but on a daily basis, it’s difficult to find true genius.

With websites and bloggers devoted to street style, it’s easy to get outfit inspiration from around the world with the simple click of a finger. However, there’s something to be said for going to see it for yourself – especially in areas that aren’t the standard cities of Paris, London or NYC.

That’s why when I learned of my adventure to Iceland for Reykjavik Fashion Festival, I knew I was in for a doozy. Iceland: the land of people who still believe in elves and fairies (yes, true fun fact) is also full of folks who have a completely untainted and pure perspective on personal style.

Chuck the black and grey out of the window. People don’t dress to match the mesmerizing landscape here – they want to stand out. There appears to be a common subtle 1970s San Franciscan craft movement as girls can commonly be found wearing bright colored tights with geometric patterns and both guys and girls wear androgynous cocooning knits (it is still rather chilly here after all).

In any case, as I prepare to depart and head back to the great style epicenter of Manhattan, I take back with me a piece of Iceland’s innate view that is totally unique when it comes to personal styling and much more.

Click through the slideshow to see some of the top street style looks from RFF and stay tuned for more trends and designers you NEED to know.

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