Street Style 101: Model Your Way Into Your Fave Glossy

Jessica Hoppe

Are you dying to be a street style star? Perhaps be featured in one of our modern day glossies such as the Sartorialist, Garance Dor, or All the Pretty Birds?Have your enviable taste admired,your look copied by onlookers and be validated by so-called tastemakers? Well, take notes then.

While most of us don’t have full designer wardrobe at our disposal, that’s no reason to give up on that street-modeling dream! New York Magazine‘s The Cut breaks down the key piecesphotogs (cough, cough, AND StyleCaster) are looking for:

1) Wear bold, bright colors — think the hottes hues of the season.

2) Dress with a mix of high/low; not full-on designer threads (take that Anna!).

3) While you don’t want to look like a designer Barbie, be sure to wear at least one recognizable piece that will bait a label-hungryphotog.

4) Eye-catching accessories are a must — pile it on, sisters! Everything from chunky watches, layered bracelets and rings is a go.

5) Clashing patterns equal downtown cool.

6) Hot lips rule. Anything eye-catching such as red, mandarin or wine is a must.

7) Location, location, location: If you want the shot you’ve got to go where the hunters gather. (Hipster havens are usually a good bet.)

8) Strike a pose. If you’re camera-ready they’ll have no choice but to snap you up, no?

So get to it girls,Tommy Ton awaits!