The Year in Street Style: 12 ‘It’ Items That Made a Splash in 2013

The Year in Street Style: 12 ‘It’ Items That Made a Splash in 2013
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As 2013 draws to a close, we’ve touched upon what it meant in terms of TV, books, red-carpet fashion, and social media, and now we’re officially bidding the year farewell with a look at individual items and trends that made a splash in the fashion world this year with editors, street style stars, and bloggers.

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It should be noted that overall, the influence of the “It” item phenomenon was felt less strongly this year as it was in 2012—the year of the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers, Céline Luggage Totes, and that Kenzo tiger sweatshirt for example. Instead, it seemed that 2013 was more about the ubiquity of smaller styling tricks and microtrends (flannel shirts tied around one’s waist, draped coats, slip-in sneakers.)

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That said, a few very specific items were at the forefront of street style—a certain Chanel bag, a single skirt from Zara, Valentino’s coveted Rockstud pumps—and they all had a few factors in common:  Cool people wore ’em, they were photographed to death, and we all wanted ’em.

Whether the year “It” items will stand the test of time remains to be seen, but you can bet that come 2014, a whole new crop of  luxury items will emerge (ahem, Alexander Wang’s $1,000 Parental Advisory sweatshirt) causing similar gotta-have-it frenzies.

Click through the gallery and let us know: Which ‘It’ items were your favorite this year? 

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Photo: Imaxtree

Designer parody apparel
You couldn't turn a corner during Fashion Week without seeing various forms of Brian Lichtenberg's designer parody tees, sweatshirts, and hats emblazoned with “Homiés” (a play on Hermés), Ballin (an obvious nod to Balmain), and other street-cred words that sound like luxury labels. Céline was an especially large target for parody, as other iterations included blogger Jules Sarinana's popular "Célfie" tee, various brands' "Céline Dion" sweatshirt, and Lichtenberg's "Féline" apparel.  

Proponents of the trend argued that it allows individuals, particularly younger generations who otherwise can’t afford luxury wares, to emotionally engage with their favorite brands in a way that’s cheeky and cool, but not all fashion houses agreed, and inevitable copywriting issues were raised this year.  

Photo: Harper's Bazaar/Diego Zuko

Chanel Le Boy Bag
Certainly the year's "It" bag, Chanel's coveted Le Boy was spotted on street style stars and bloggers from New York to Paris (and everywhere in between.)

Photo: Jenny Norris

Zara's mini skort
While most street style trends seem to be made of up bank-breaking items (see: previous slide), every once in a while an affordable piece starts making the rounds. To wit, a $39 mini skirt from Zara was spotted on everyone from fashion bloggers to key editors this year. Available in both black and white, the skort style—wrap skirt in front, shorts in the back—was definitely a throwback to the '90s. 

Photo via Let's Have a Margarita

Photo: Dimitris Maniatis

Kenzo's eye-print
There's no denying that Kenzo has mastered the art if the 'It" item, creating viral, gotta-have-it pieces season after season. This is mostly due to Opening Ceremony founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, who took the helm at Kenzo in 2011 and have since been widely credited in bringing new life to the Parisian label. In 2012,  that green tiger sweater was, hands-down, the item of the year, and for Fall 2013, the label introduced its newest motif: the realistic eye-print. 

While there wasn't one specific item that made waves the way the tiger top did, the eye pattern was spotted on a number of items, from affordable sweatshirts and leather pouches, to larger-ticket items like slouchy moto jackets and peep-toe leather booties. 

Photo Harper's Bazaar/Diego Zuko

Slip-on sneakers.
Early this year, we declared that the slip-on sneaker was poised to be the new sneaker wedge, and that statement held up. While the slip-on silhouette isn’t new—it’s long been favored by skateboarders, grunge-lovers, and pretty much everyone in the ’90s—it was never embraced by the couture crowd, until now.

Not surprisingly, Céline—the arbiter of everything that’s cool and coveted these days—was an early adopter of the fashion slip-on sneaker, releasing $720 ponyhair versions as part of it’s spring/summer 2012 collection, swiftly followed by a near-exact all-black iteration by Zara, which was favored by a variety of hip fashion bloggers the world over, and which sold out in the blink of an eye last winter. 

Obviously, other designers took note and released their own high-end styles:GivenchyTory Burch, and Katie Grand for Hogan to name a few, which were inevitably followed by lesser-priced contemporary designers creating their own versions like Kurt GeigerMichael Kors, and Vince

Photo via Fashion Vibe

Valentino Rockstud pumps.
Valentino's Rockstud shoes and bags were first introduced in 2012, and immediately were spotted on It-girls like Alexa Chung (best PR ever, no?) For 2013, the grommeted collection got a revamp, and the kitten-heeled pumps were undoutedly one of the year's most prevalent street style items, with scores of bloggers posing in the sweetly tough $945 shoes, most often in pastel pink. 

Photo via The Working Girl

Shirts tied around your waist.
Grunge was back in a big way in this year, as the fashion side of the iconic ’90s movement made waves on both spring and fall 2013 runways.

One particular facet that made its way onto street style blogs in a big way: The around-the-waist flannel shirt wrap, which has been spotted on everyone from real-deal stars like Gwen Stefani (aw, nostalgic!) and Rihanna , to style stars like Margaret Zhang of Shine by ThreeElle Ferguson of They All Hate Us, and Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What, to name a few.

Photo via Shine by Three

Designer pouches.
Last year, it seemed everyone couldn’t get enough of the oversize bag. Nestled in the crook of their elbows, hoards of bloggers, editors, and street style stars zipped around town toting giant “It” satchels from designers such as Céline, Givenchy, and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

In 2013, however, it seems oversized bags were replaced with streamlined small pouches. Or, more specifically, small designer pouches, as countless street style stars toted tiny strap-free zip-top pouches made by top designers, making every outfit look that much more cool and low-maintenance.

Draped jackets and coats.
Once reserved for frail cold-blooded women or typical grandmas, the around-the-shoulder coat drape became the "It" styling trick of 2013, with everyone—and we do mean everyone—partaking. Some rocked it with basic jacket or a blazer, while others went full-on with an overcoat, often draped over another coat, proving it's just as much about the look as it is about warmth. While we love the ladylike drape, its yearlong ubiquity definitely has made it a bit predictable, in terms of styling. 

Louis Vuitton's Checkered Pattern
Some of the year's most obsessed-over and photographed items were undoubtedly the checkerboard patterned pieces designed by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton.

Apart from celebrities clamoring to wear them (Kristen StewartJessica Alba, Kirsten DunstKerry Washington, among others), several high-level street style stars also paraded around in Vuitton's off-the-runway checkered looks, including Miroslava Duma above), her BFF Elena Perminova, editor and stylist Christine Centenera, and blogger Eleonora Carisi.

Photo Style.It/Alessia Campostrini

Mirrored sunglasses.
When it comes to sunglasses, 2013 was most definitely the year of the mirrored lens, as pretty much every street style star, blogger, and editor ditched the super-dark frames in favor of multicolor reflective lenses. 

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