Street Artist Joins The “We Heart Ryan Gosling” Movement

Jessica Rubin

Well folks, it was only a matter of time before Ryan Gosling infiltrated every aspect of our lives (not that we’re complaining). Hanksy, who draws his inspiration from the famed street artist Banksy but inserts Tom Hanks’ head into all of his works, has found a new muse — the “Hey Girl”-ing object of our desires.

That’s right, the Drive-Thru (ha!) Gosling has surfaced along with two other pieces featuring Ted Danson and our sweater idol Bill Cosby. Seems like Hanksy is taking a break from his Hanks theme — although you can check out his original pieces at the Krause Gallery in New York City. What do you think of this new, street art take on Gosling’s adorable face? Let us know in the comments section below!

[The Gothamist]

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