‘Stranger Things’ Is Back & It’s Quite Grown

Aramide Tinubu
Stranger Things
Photo: Netflix.

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After a nearly two-year hiatus, Stranger Things has returned, and we weren’t ready! These Stranger Things Season 3 spoilers are beyond thrilling. As the kiddos have matured, so has the iconic Netflix series. Season 3 is more decadent and delicious than anything we could have ever imagined. We’ve returned to Hawkins, Indiana in the blisteringly hot summer of 1985–and nothing will ever be the same.

The new Starcourt Mall is the talk of the town, and it boasts everything from a Sam Goody to a Time Out arcade. Basically, it’s lit, and it’s the place to be. However, as you know by now, nothing in Hawkins can ever be “normal,” and the same can be said for everything that goes down in this season of ST.

There are still the basic staples that we love and adore. Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is still out here bleeding from her nose and moving people and objects about, the walkie talkies are back in full force, and there are even maps and plans of action. However, the series along with the kiddos has certainly matured since Season 1. This was always the plan. Ross Duffer, one-half of the Stranger Things creators, The Duffer Brothers told The Hollywood Reporter,

It’s better to adjust the narrative to fit the ages than to try to rush the process. They grow so fast, we would have to move at such a speed to keep them young. Even over the course of these nine episodes, you can see them getting older. That’s something that plays over a week. We want to move as fast as we can, but it’s not really dictated by the kids.


So let’s get into it, shall we?

Hormones are everywhere

Season 3 of Stranger Things, brings about a ton of change–the hormonal kind. Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) has returned from sleepaway summer camp and apparently, he has a new girlfriend. Max (Sadie Sink) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) are still together, but they’re still always fighting. Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Eleven spend a ton of time making out in Eleven’s room–though Hopper (David Harbour) seems to be on a mission to break them up. Meanwhile, all Will (Noah Schnapp) seems to care about is playing Dungeons & Dragons. (The show has alluded that he’s still unpacking his sexuality.)

Joyce has a new obsession

In the past, Joyce (Winona Ryder) was understandably solely concerned with Will and his well-being. But this season, she’s consumed with trying to figure out why the magnets at the general store and in her house are no longer magnetic. If you’re confused by this plot point, don’t worry, things will be made clear as the series rolls forward. It all circles around a massive power outage and Will’s spidey senses tingling once again.

Erica gets her time to shine

We wanted more Erica (Priah Ferguson), and the Duffer brothers delivered! In Season 2, she was relegated to a bit role as Lucas’ younger sister, with the quippy biting remarks. In Season 3, we get to see much more of her, and her sass levels are heightened. We have no choice but to stan an unbothered queen!

Nancy and Jonathan have new important jobs

In Stranger Things Season 3, more characters get their own storylines. Nancy and Jonathan’s internships at Hawkins’ local newspaper give them a chance to do some very interesting reporting.

Things are much gorier this season

We’re embargoed up to our necks about any creatures or real horrors we might have witnessed, but you should know that Stranger Things Season 3 borders on actual gore. It’s still a notch down from what we might see in future seasons, but you should know that things in Hawkins over the summer of 1985 got messy AF and we were unprepared.

The season is full of iconic pop culture references

Of course, the Duffer brothers stuffed the season full of iconic references. Keep your eyes peeled for Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Day of the Dead, The Breakfast ClubAlienFerris Bueller’s Day Off; The Karate Kid; and, of course, the crowned jewel Back to the Future.

Prepare to cry

Stranger Things Season 3 gets kind of sad. We can’t exactly say what they are in their entirety, but you should prepare yourself if you’re a softy about these things.