Which ‘Stranger Things’ Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Which ‘Stranger Things’ Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign
Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images; Allison Kahler.

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Stranger Things is not only a perfect show (fight me), but it showcases the 12 astrological signs so beautifully that it deserves a very prestigious and heavy award. (Seriously, basically every Stranger Things character represents a different zodiac sign.) After binging the third series in one sitting, all I can say is: Wow. It’s not often that a third season captivates me as much as the first—but here we are.

One thing I couldn’t stop thinking about as I watched was how different all the characters were, and how well-suited they were to each other. Like the zodiac, all these personalities were necessary to work together to create harmony (and defeat a paranormal entity bent on world destruction, etc., etc.). Sometimes it can feel like a cosmic joke, the way others continue to do things the wrong way (read: differently than how we would do them), but this show is a story that shows us something different. That all of our mistakes are what lead to our triumphs.

Dynamic characters that we relate to can show us so much about ourselves. Like, yes, it’s easy to find out our zodiac signs, but Stranger Things helps us take it further. Because it’s easy to pick a trait and assign it, but it’s harder to recognize how much our astrological significance can affect us in our day-to-day lives. As signs, we don’t exist in a vacuum. We have to interact with each other! We have to play nice and create a life with people wildly different from ourselves! We even make babies and families with some of them!

None of the signs are inherently better than the others, and Stranger Things is a great way to look at the zodiac strengths in a low stakes way.

So, which Stranger Things character are you? Remember—our birth month isn’t the only way we can predict our behavior and patterns. Check your rising and moon signs to see how you see yourself and present to the world, and how you cope with your emotions. We all have dynamic, moving, parts. Nothing and no one is static.

Except maybe Steve’s hair.

Aries – Max Mayfield

Sporty, decisive and confident, MadMax is a true Aries and fire sign (that red hair!!!). She’s constantly on her skateboard, and her competitive nature makes her intimidating to every sign. To some, Max may come off as a little controlling—getting mad at Lucas in order to obtain gifts, or telling Eleven to dump Mike after a minor infraction. Max has a temper, but is relatively quick to forgive. She has no problem taking the reins in her relationship—and with the group. And like any Aries, Max absolutely loves to win.

Taurus – Joyce Byers

Tauruses get shit DONE. Joyce is not here to play, Hawkins. She wants her kids safe, and everyone else can go sit on something pointy. Joyce does have patience—to a point. Who else would be willing to string up their house with Christmas lights and draw the alphabet on the wall to decode what *might* be a secret signal from her missing son? A Taurus, obvi. And like Tauruses, Joyce’s perseverance is unmatched throughout all three seasons as she runs Hopper and the town ragged trying to figure out the truth.

Gemini – Nancy Wheeler

Geminis are social chameleons, and Nancy is no different. She flits between social groups (and BOYFRIENDS) with ease, reminiscent of many Geminis. Nancy doesn’t do well with emotions—choosing to drink or distract herself over Barb’s death instead of grieving in a healthy way. Nancy is curious (sometimes to the point of being nosy), and has no problem bending or breaking the rules in order to further her own aims. Like all air signs, Nancy lives completely in her head, thinking over feeling. She hides her keen intelligence behind her tee-hee-I’m-cute-and-inexperienced veneer, which she has no problem wielding like a weapon to get what she wants.

Cancer – Mike Wheeler

Cancers are sensitive—a characteristic Mike absolutely embodies. His deep love for his friends and Eleven is endless, as evidenced by his efforts to find Will even after the entire town (Joyce excluded) had given up. Like Cancer, Mike makes emotional decisions, which aren’t always the clearest way forward. He also has a strong connection to home, with the opening scene of the entire series beginning in his basement. This location is hugely important for the show, and serves as a backdrop for most of the boys’ character arcs throughout the season.

Leo – Lucas Sinclair

A true Leo, Lucas has a huge heart, but often hides it behind humor and bravado. Interesting that Leo and Aries make such a wonderful match…hint hint. Lucas also showcases his Leo tendencies by invoking a lot of the traits well-known to be associated with the fire signs—being bold, loud and unafraid of conflict. Lucas is also a hopeless romantic, though he tries to fight it. Leos are known to be fiercely loyal, which Lucas shows us time and time again as he goes to help his friends and save Hawkins.

Virgo – Barb Holland

First of all, justice for Barb 4ever. I will die on that hill, and no one can stop me. BUT—Barb’s def a Virgo. She is analytical, constantly trying to figure out how to deal with her best friend’s sudden need to Be Popular. She’s also an amazing friend—not willing to abandon Nancy even when Nancy treats her like hot trash. She’s a great listener, and incredibly smart. There’s a lot more I’d like to know about Barb, but given her untimely death, we’ll just have to take what we have and run with it.

Libra – Dustin Henderson

True to Libra form, Dustin is basically the glue of the group. He wants things to be fair, and he stands up equally for each of his friends—even newcomers Eleven and Max. Dustin is passionate about standing up for what he believes in, which is usually being level-headed and fair. Whether it be raising a baby Demogorgon or translating secret messages from Russian spies, Dustin doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Like a Libra, Dustin likes to look and feel nice—his pearls are a prize. Dustin is happiest when his friends are happy, and will do whatever it takes to help them get there.

Scorpio – Hopper

Like most Scorpios, Hopper is a mystery. One minute, he’s a shitty cop, and the next, he’s lead detective on a case that better men would quake at. Hopper feels intensely—evidence of this is seen with his feelings for Joyce, which range from sappy-eyes to unbridled rage, as well as his paternal love for Eleven. A true Scorpio, Hopper is all-or-nothing, unable (or unwilling) to do things halfway. Scorpios can also be hedonistic. They love seeking physical pleasure—whether it be from drinking, smoking or sex. Above all, Scorpio’s are typically known for their passion. While Hopper tries to hide it—he really does love Hawkins, and Eleven, and Joyce Byers.

Sagittarius – Steve Harrington

Steve may be more cocky than cheerful, but as the seasons progress, Steve’s head deflates a little bit. Even in the face of danger, he manages to keep upbeat and crack jokes. Like Sagittarius, he is also an extrovert, getting energy from the company of others. Steve shows off his softer side with the younger kids, taking time to counsel Dustin on girls, and provide encouragement for his efforts. Steve is MOST like a Sagittarius when he engages in his showoff-y/arrogant tendencies. Bragging to girls, trying to swagger like he actually knows what to do with a baseball bat full of nails.

Capricorn – Eleven

I know Gemini is the crowd favorite for Eleven—but hear me out. Capricorn is well-known for being the sign with the most work ethic and drive. And really, who defeated the Demogorgons again and again? Eleven is not afraid of a challenge, and she isn’t afraid to tell Mike when he’s being a total drip. She’s persistent in all of her efforts, ranging on stubborn. Eleven holds herself to a high standard, and expects the same of her friends, Detective Hopper, and her boyfriend. She’s also hilarious in a dry and unexpected way, and has moments of softness that let us into her emotions.

Aquarius – Jonathan Byers

Who else could be Aquarius but Jonathan Byers? Aquariuses are leaders—not unlike Jonathan when he took the reins in order to save his brother Will, and by extension, Hawkins (and by extension, the entire known world). Jonathan also stands out as a talented photographer, and has a strong desire to stand up for those in need. It was hard for him to watch Steve treat Nancy like a dirt-sandwich! Jonathan never cared if he was cool or popular, and didn’t change his personality based on what others wanted or expected of him.

Pisces – Will Byers

Will’s actual birthday is announced in the script (March 22), unlike any other character in Stranger Things. But we could probably have gotten there on our own. After all, Will spends most of his time staring around with his huge eyes and using his intuition to guide the gang to victory. He’s very imaginative, and secretive about his emotions and suffering. And when he DOES express himself, it’s through creative expression like drawing. Will also prefers fantasy to reality, being the last of the group to cling to Dungeons & Dragons, and clearly prizing his reputation as ‘Will the Wise’.