This Hilarious Video Of The ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Will Bring Joy To Your Day

Stranger Things
Photo: Netflix.

Who doesn’t love a good character quiz from their favorite show? It gets even better when it’s actually your own show. This Stranger Things character quiz cast video is one of the best things we’ve seen all week. The cast of the acclaimed Netflix series sat down to take Buzzfeed’s character quiz based on the show and the results may surprise fans. Millie Bobby Brown, David Harbour, Sadie Sink, Caleb McCoughlin and Season 3 addition Cary Elwes, among others, took the quiz and were excited and confused by their results. 

The questions range from choosing an ’80s movie, picking a superpower, asking how their friends would describe them and more. “I would hope that my friends find me kind,” Dacre Montgomery said as he took the quiz. The actor’s character would definitely not be described that way, as Montgomery plays Hawkins’ latest villain, Billy, who just happens to be a massive bully. 

Some of the questions get very show specific. One question asked the cast to choose a place to hang out with friends, with options including Palace Arcade, the Junkyard, or the Community Pool. “The junkyard could be fun,” quips Charlie Heaton while Natalia Dyer gives the Jonathan Byers actor a quizzical look. But some of the questions take a turn for the introspective. 

Of the final prompts posed, the cast must determine how they would react in a crisis, with the options being, calm, cautious, strategic, nervous, brave or responsible. “I’d be strategic,” David Harbour shares with an air of confidence. All the cast members took the quiz fairly seriously, and it’s a blast to watch them bond and quip over their answers and be shocked by their outcomes. 

We won’t spoil the results here, but you’ll definitely be surprised by some of the answers.