Stormi Webster Styles Her Prada Bag Better Than Half The Influencers On My Feed

Bella Gerard
Stormi Webster Styles Her Prada Bag Better Than Half The Influencers On My Feed
Photo: Courtesy of Prada, The MEGA Agency; Adobe.

For Christmas this year, I saved up to get myself a Prada bag. And honestly? I was feeling pretty damn bougie about it—that is, until I saw Stormi Webster rocking her very own Prada bag on momma Kylie Jenner’s Instagram today. At three years old, this child’s wardrobe puts mine to shame, and that goes for accessories, too.

Whereas I opted for a classic black Galleria bag (A forever piece, I told myself as I swiped my card and prayed it wouldn’t decline) Stormi went full-force with a trendy baguette-style shoulder bag. At first glance, I thought it might be one of Prada’s Nylon Re-Edition styles, but closer inspection proves it’s either a smooth blue leather or (more likely) bright blue satin. Prada has nothing in this colorway in stores right now, so it’s definitely a vintage piece from a previous collection, perhaps one gifted to Jenner and then re-gifted to her baby girl, or maybe picked out for Stormi herself.

Either way, I’m fully obsessed. Influencers have been rocking Prada shoulder bags on my IG feed for months now, and not one has served as hard as Ms. Stormi Webster! She paired her blue bag with a plain white tank, chocolate brown leather cargo-style pants, a chunky silver necklace to compliment the bag’s hardware and some silver and white Nikes with blue laces that match the purse perfectly. A 10/10 OOTD if I’ve ever seen one.

Just as Kris is momager to Kylie, Kylie is momager to Stormi, posting her outfits on the ‘Gram and grooming her to be 2021’s top style star. “my baby is turning 3 soon and mommy’s not ok!!!!!!” Jenner captioned the post, but we all know what she was really thinking: Why is my three-year-old dressed better than all of you basic betch influencers?! Get on her level!!” We’re trying, Ky, but we simply can’t.

As for the price point of the bag? It’s hard to say. The Re-Edition Nylon shoulder bags with silver hardware are just under $1400, but because Stormi’s bag is satin, it likely costs more than nylon. Then again, if it’s old like I suspect, it could be more or less than a new bag, depending on how valuable or hard to come by it is. Finally, any shoulder bag that fits a toddler’s shoulder is probably smaller than a standard purse, which makes me think this bag is definitely under $1000. I can’t say for sure, but if Kylie wants to gift me a matching one, I’m happy to conduct some further research.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not here to shade Jenner for buying her baby bougie items. I’m here to hype up Stormi’s already-iconic fashion sense, and drag the influencers who can’t compete! These bags have been everywhere for months now, and they’ll continue trending in 2021, so y’all best take a page from Stormi’s style playbook and accessorize accordingly. Ky, if you’re reading this, we need a mother-daughter Prada look from you two next!

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