25 Stock Photos That Make Absolutely No Sense

Meghan Blalock

One of the most consistently entertaining aspects of working in media is seeing the endless supply of strange, hilarious, and downright inexplicable stock photos that exist in the world. This particular kind of photography aims to provide imagery that helps illustrate a point that words alone won’t suffice to illustrate. And yet–there are so many stock photos out there that seem to illustrate no point any sane person would ever make.

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For no real reason other than to laugh, we rounded up 25 stock photos that have us scratching our heads.

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1. Wait, why did these people set up their office in the middle of a lake?

2. Just in case you were looking for a photo of “sad bride in a messy shack after the wedding, with a cat.”

3. So many questions.

4. Ummm, okay.

5. Easter bunnies gone wild.

6. For those rare occasions when you get caught head-on in a wind machine.

7. What’s the deal with bunny ears?

8. Just a typical Friday night for most people, right?

9. Jalape-nana!

10. This man looks absolutely terrified to be inside this large egg. We want to save him.

11. It’s gonna be hard to drink a glass of wine through your fake cow head, lady.

12. Ummmm, no. These two things should not be juxtaposed.

13. Stock photos gone Dalí.

14. Is the hat magically suspended? Did she throw it? What’s going on here?

15. Ummm, we’d rather have real ice cream.

16. Well, this is truly unappetizing.

17. Why is she sleeping on a bed in the middle of the woods?

18. We’re all about an exercise ball, but you might wanna change out of your business attire first.

19. LOL.

20. OMG, another wind machine! What is the deal?!

21. Why is this woman being gently caressed by not one but two wild animals?

22. Electricity: You’re doing it wrong.

23. Someone put a ring on it, guys!

24. Behold, world’s most powerful Jell-O!

25. This guy’s never heard of Smartphones.