STINA BAAZ: Brand to Watch at PROJECT Las Vegas

STINA BAAZ: Brand to Watch at PROJECT Las Vegas
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Stockholm based designer STINA BAAZ has crafted a line of gorgeous of what Baaz calls basics. Baaz explains that her collection is, “more like basic pieces to mix and match into your closet. I’ve always told my friends you need a basic closet to start with what to wear. You need your pants, coats, and tops and then mix it up from there.” While I understand where Baaz is coming from with her core collection, it is so hard to call a dual functioning, reindeer leather cropped jacket with full sleeves “basic.”

Forgoing sketching in favor of the dress form, Baaz creates original shapes by working with the draping of her fabrics which include organic silk, reindeer leather and New Zealand lambswool. “I kind of play around with the fabrics on the mannequins and find the shapes,” expands Baaz on her creative process.

For her fall collection, Baaz drew inspiration from the unlikely source of fishermen. Combining her fishing inspiration with menswear and adding a more architectural and sculptural view, Baaz created a line with unique details from exceptional fabrics. In one dress for example Baaz incorporated a leather fishnet back and one of her organic silk dresses is so elegantly draped, it has only three seams.

What piece is Baaz personall excited about? “I’m pretty excited about this [workman’s overcoat line with lambswool] jacket. This is lamb from New Zealand so that’s why the hair is so long. It’s not human hair– people have asked,” Baaz laughs.

STINA BAAZ wholesales for around $150-$400.