Sticky-Fingered Lohan at it Again


Tell us this doesn’t sound like a made-for-Disney Channel movie: Lindsay Lohan, clad in black leggings, tunic and ski mask, tip-toes into a top secret laboratory in an elaborate plot to steal none other…than potent spray-tan formula. (I think Zac Efron would definitely co-star.) Anyway… that’s what’s happening.

Florida-based lab genius Jennifer Sunday is taking our favorite waifish troublemaker and her business partner Lorit Simon to federal court for allegedly stealing the self tanning formula and marketing it as their own using the brand name Sevin Nyne. The two are being charged with breach of contract, theft of trade secrets, civil conspiracy, intentional interference with contractual relations and deceptive and unfair trade practices. (Wasn’t Lohan just accused of stealing $400,000 worth of jewelry from an Elle shoot?)

Something tells us this story won’t end with a musical number and a chaste kiss before credits.