Stevie Nicks on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon


To clarify for my youngest sister and any one else, Stevie Nicks:
1. is a woman.
2. was once dubbed “The Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll” by Rolling Stone Magazine.
3. is a former member of Fleetwood Mac–a band more incestuous than the high school swim team and the characters on Gossip Girl (where I’m pretty sure the only combination love affair untried is Dan and Jenny… Wait… Oh… Ew.).

Stevie Nicks performed last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Dispelling rumors about a biographic movie starring Lindsay Lohan and even indulging a super fan (note the posters behind him), Stevie graciously answered questions submitted by viewers via webcam. Even though Stevie Nicks is 60 years old, she’s still amazing and it’s easy to see why not only her band mates and fans fawn(ed) over her for so long.

I’m taking some style inspiration from Stevie Nicks today… All that’s running through my mind are: top hats, feathers, lace, food (that’s more because I’m inexplicably hungry than it is about Stevie), and boho dresses… I’m kind of dying over these Ksubi lace leggings. They are fitted like leggings with a button closure like jeans so technically you can break the rules of, “legging’s aren’t pants” wear them as pants. Channeling Stevie Nicks has never been easier as these Ksubi leggings are a refreshing and current interpretation of such a distinguished and legendary style icon.