Steve Jobs Honored With An Unlikely Award

Jessica Rubin

Steve Jobs is quite a popular man around the StyleCaster office, so imagine our reaction when we found out he would be receiving a Grammy this year. Although excited, we were slightly confused as to why Jobs was being honored at this particular awards ceremony.

But then we thought about it, and it makes sense. Imagine what our access to music was like before iTunes and the iPod. Consider the platforms that come standard on Mac computers created specifically for musicians. Jobs’ time at Apple revolutionized the music industry, for better or worse.

According to The NY Times, “Jobs is the only industrialist receiving an award this year.” So get ready to pay tribute to the man, the myth, the turtleneck at this year’s Grammys. We can’t wait to see this.

Do you agree with the decision to give Steve Jobs a Trustees Award at the Grammys? Let us know in the comments section below!