Stephen Jones Hats–I Want One


There wasn’t a whole lot I didn’t like about Marc Jacobs’ recent quirky, zany, multi-themed collection for spring 2009. I loved the crazily mixed prints. I loved the piled on bangles. I loved the insane sunglasses. But most of all, I LOVED the crushed Stephen Jones hats. According to WWD, current man-about-London-town Jones admitted to quite literally “trodding on the hats” in order to get that flattened look. The great thing about these little babies is that they’ll add a touch of fashion spunk to just about anything. Boring white sundress? Check! Shorts and a tank top? Yep! Skirt and a crop top? Of course!

I can’t think of anything that a saucily tilted Stephen Jones for Marc Jacobs boater won’t fix next spring. And that’s why it’s at the very top of my to-buy list.

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