Step and Repeat: 10 Stars with a Signature Red Carpet Pose

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Step and Repeat: 10 Stars with a Signature Red Carpet Pose
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When you’re an A-list celebrity, being photographed is part of your daily duties, so it’s important that you know exactly how to capture your best assets on camera. It’s easy to tell when a star is uncomfortable on the red carpet — and it’s even easier to tell who is a total pro when it comes to a step-and-repeat situation.

Divas like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian have their red carpet looks down to a complete science, while less glamorous stars like Taylor Swift sometimes struggle to look confident. Regardless, many celebrities have a very distinctive pose — from which they rarely waver — and we decided to document them.

Click through the gallery above for a look at ten stars who can’t get enough of their favorite pose!

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It's no surprise that Blake Lively has her pose game down pat. With a sassy hand on her hip and her face slightly cocked, the camera always catches her from her good side (oh wait, every side is her good side). 

Megan Fox is all about a sultry over the shoulder look, which also shows off the King Lear quote inked on her back. 

Kim Kardashian's signature pose can best be described as a vehicle for showing off her famous behind and her cleavage. 

Taylor Swift, country crooner and Kennedy stalker, makes a habit out of looking awkward on the red carpet, and the meek hand on her left hip proves that. 

Justin Bieber has serious swag for a pint-sized pop star, but tends to get a little shy and put his hands in his pockets. 

Victoria Beckham always puts her leg out to show off both her gorgeous gams and perpetually sky-high stilettos. We're not sure which asset is more impressive. 

Nicole Kidman keeps her hands clenched demurely like a true Park Avenue Stepford wife. 

With both hands confidently on her hips, Beyonce knows how to own a red carpet -- pregnant or not. 

90210 babe AnnaLynne McCord has a penchant for blowing kisses at photogs. 

The adorable Emmy Rossum opts for a slightly suggestive but still elegant over the shoulder pose. 

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