This Boyfriend-Replacing Vibrator Perfectly Mimics Oral Sex—& It’s the Lowest Price It’s Ever Been

Summer Cartwright
This Boyfriend-Replacing Vibrator Perfectly Mimics Oral Sex—& It’s the Lowest Price It’s Ever Been

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I’m gonna cut right to the chase—there are few things in life as satisfying as a good (phenomenal) orgasm. That’s why, as a shopping editor, I spend a good chunk of my time and energy looking up the absolute best sex toys on the market, and occasionally, testing these. I’ve found everything from Kardashian-approved vibrators to stimulators that provide “knee-buckling” good times, and my latest discovery is something to literally write home about. It’s a vibrator that’s designed to mimic oral sex as accurately as possible. Seriously, it even has a tongue. If you thought that all was too good to be true, let me throw you a curve ball: The Stella vibrator is on sale for a whopping $150 off for July Fourth weekend. Are you seeing fireworks yet? You will when using this bad boy.

The Stella vibrator will have your boyfriend shaking in his boots, and your legs shaking under the covers. See, the innovative tongue design and the whopping 10 vibration settings team up together to create a vibrator that’s essentially impossible to use without finishing. It’s designed to fit right around your clitoris and stimulate it with the flicking centerpiece . And, no offense to all the lovely partners out there, but since this sex toy is high-powered and high-tech, it doesn’t come with human error, lack of rhythm, or fatigue. So basically, it’ll give you the best head you’ve ever received, exactly how you like it.

And I can attest to this.

I’ve tested a bunch of different sex toys alone and with a partner, and this one is at the top of my favorites list. The features are practically fool-proof. You have three buttons to work with that turn the toy on, amp up the vibrations, or tone the speed down. Thankfully, these are placed in an easy-to-reach spot right behind the head. This makes it easy to switch things up in the heat of the moment.

Better love stella vibrator

Courtesy: StyleCaster.

Not to mention, the shaft design is extremely ergonomic . Even during long spouts of use, my hand hasn’t cramped—nor have my partners. And, while you might think the thing is largely based on the photos, it’s actually just a little larger than my palm, so it’s really easy to hold.

Using this sex toy is essentially like experiencing the best oral sex you’ve had over and over again. You can customize the speeds just to your liking and apply the exact pressure that you’re desiring all at once. As good as your partner is, you can’t get this kind of accuracy with somebody else—but you can with Stella.

What’s more: This vibrator doesn’t have an extremely bold and kitschy design. The subtle blue color and shape make it look like any other nightstand accessory. You’ll be able to leave it out without worrying about what your friends, roommate, or super will think if they step into your room and see it. In fact, more likely than not, they’ll ask you where you got your cool new Clarisonic.

This toy usually retails for $199.99, but today, you can shop it for just $49.99 . Now that’s a good deal. Who knew getting the best sex of your life (at the palm of your hand) could come at a cost like this?