Stella McCartney to Launch Childrens’ Capsule Collection

Clare Todhunter

mccartney2 Stella McCartney to Launch Childrens Capsule Collection

According to a recent articleStella McCartney will be launching a brand new childrenswear capsule collection in addition to her pre-existing Stella McCartney Kids line. The new collection is based upon the Little Miss Stella cartoon, which originated as a creative invitation to the designer’s fashion show in 2006.

The Little Miss collection will include t-shirts, sweaters, pajamas, bags and baby rompers, accompanied by a set of fabric pens becoming available just next month. Of course, the 32-page Little Miss Stella book by author and illustrator Adam Hargreaves, will be available with the collection.

The picture book follows the story of Little Miss Nobody, who comes across Little Miss Stella and tells of her concerns that nobody notices her. The fabulous Little Miss Stella accordingly fixes her problems by designing her a gorgeous bespoke outfit, thereby magically transforming her into “somebody.” Now, if only we could run into Little Miss Stella…