The Cheapest Item in Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney’s Goop Collaboration is $795

Valeria Nekhim
stella gwyneth 01 The Cheapest Item in Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartneys Goop Collaboration is $795

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We’re not in the least bit surprised besties Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney have joined forces to create a capsule clothing line for the e-commerce component of Patrow’s lifestyle site Goop. We’re also hardly shocked it consists of  “classic” “subtle” pieces like a black blazer and wool trousers, inspired by Gwyneth’s pared-down personal style, according to an article in this morning’s WWD.

Given the women at the helm, it also doesn’t astonish us that prices for the “investment pieces” start at $795; however, it raises our eyebrows that the duo think these prices aren’t steep. When discussing her e-commerce site, her lady of Goop told WWD, “selling is growing by leaps and bounds. We’re learning about what people want and at what price point.” This is where we have to interject and wonder, who are these people who allegedly want starting prices of $795?

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stella mccartney goopMeanwhile, McCartney, who has wildly successful collaborations  for Gap Kids and H&M under her belt, while continuing to design the Adidas by Stella McCartney line as well as her own eponymous line, said the partnership is about “having fun and being accessible.” Accessible? Seriously? The talented Brit also said her own brand offers affordable pieces despite being a luxury house. Clearly their understanding of affordable differs from ours—and most normal people’s.

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Still, we’re looking forward to September 12, when the friends launch the trend-defying collection Paltrow hopes will survive long enough to be passed down to future generations. Head to then to see the BFF’s full line!