Stella McCartney Brings on Drag for Holiday Party, Plus 5 Ways to Make Your Party Memorable


If you’ve ever seen Adult Swim’s The Mighty Boosh, the last thing you would expect is for the British duo who star in the raunchy comedy show to show up to a fashion party. However, spontaneity is definitely their forte, so they performed for Stella McCartney’s little Christmas soiree. Did we mention the men were dressed in thigh-high minidresses and your grandma’s wig? Also in attendance were Pam Hogg, Twiggy, and Jools Holland.

If you’re struggling with the thought of upstaging Stella, no worries. We’ve put together a few holiday party twists that will ensure your guests will die for an invite next year. And it doesn’t have to include boys in dresses, although, if it happens, so be it.



Since renting an antique photobooth is tres expensive (Diddy, go for it!), track down a few old Polaroid cameras and have your guests take random pictures throughout the night. You can have them tape the photos to a wall of your apartment; instant art!



If you’re sick of stuffy adult parties, and want to spice things up, channel your inner 10-year-old and cover a few walls with canvas, and buy some bright colored paint and brushes. (There are paints that wash easily off floors, just in case.) Feed your guests champagne and watch them paint and go nuts like little kids…just make sure you ask them to remove the 5-inch heels before walking on the carpet. Hey…if Alex Wang can have a party at a gas station…


Tarot Card Readers

Whether or not you believe in it, having someone wearing a turban telling you you’ll meet the love of your life in a year is a good time. Hire a few tarot card readers to give your guests personal readings. It might even increase the amount of love connections that night. Just tell them to go home first.


Sushi Chefs

Hiring sushi chefs is instant entertainment, especially if you ask them to teach your guests how to make their own spicy tuna rolls. You can even buy candy and sweets to make dessert sushi! Check for viable applicants.


A Cook-Off

Every Thanksgiving David Byrne has his guests create a dish made around a weird turkey Jell-O mold he found. The outcome is Turkey-misu, Turkey-shaped bread, and Turkey a la Vodka. On your invite, specify a type of food, then have fun seeing what your guests come up with. You can even vote on who did the best job!