18 Epic (and Kinda Hilarious) On-Stage Celebrity Falls

gif of madonna falling at the brit awards

Reason number 5,865,3543 why the Internet is awesome? Because one quick Google search of “stars who have fallen on stage” after watching Demi Lovato take an epic spill at the 2015 Jingle Ball in New York this weekend led us down a pretty hilarious rabbit hole of celebrities that completely ate it while performing.

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Sure, it’s kindaaaaa childish to laugh at the gaffes, but it’s hard not to—especially when you see how “I’m so cool” most these performers act in the moments right before their spills.

To prove that Devi is is good company, here’s a compilation of 17 other stars who have fallen on stage—from Beyoncé and Taylor Swift to Lil Wayne and Bono. You’re welcome.

Demi Lovato
Not only did she recover like a pro, but tweeted later “only cool kids fall on stage.)

That’s what you get when you make your backup dancers behave like wild bulls.


Katy Perry
Looks like someone was drunk on cherry Chapstick. Or whiskey, whichever.


Jennifer Lopez
Looks like those Louboutains you threw on were maybe a little high?


Trippin’. And stumblin’.


Joe Jonas
Dude definitely though he was SO. COOL.  making his big entrance through shattered glass.


Steven Tyler
The fall was better than those dance moves, IMHO.


At least his sunglasses didn’t fall off.


Jennifer Lawrence
Oh my god, you guys, see? I’m just like you. I’m so klutzy!


Iggy Azalea
She backed it up a little too much.


Only she could make a fall look cool. Kind of.


So what? She’s a rockstar.


Taylor Swift
At least she wasn’t dancing.


Christina Aguilera
What a girls really wants is to learn how to walk backwards without tripping.


Method Man 
We really was about to go get lifted.


Adam Lambert
Apropos: The song is called “FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT.”


Lil Wayne
Oh, that’s just Weezy giving Lucille Ball, Debra Messing, and The Three Stooges a run for their pratfall money.


The Queen has fallen.