The World’s Best Stargazing Sleeps

The World’s Best Stargazing Sleeps
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We’ll admit it: We love to travel. Whether we’re trekking through Europe or uncovering some of the best-kept secrets in the United States, we’ll take any chance we can get to pack up and hop on a plane. No one exemplifies a passion for traveling better than the folks over at Black Tomato. And they don’t just travel, they go all out and immerse themselves in some of the craziest (and awesome) experiences out there. Which makes them a perfect fit for those of us at StyleCaster who are slaves to wanderlust.

This week, Black Tomato has rounded up some of their favorite places to stay … where you can sleep right under the stars. And we’re not talking about pitching a tent in your backyard — these are some of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring spots the world has to offer. So click through the slideshow above for  the best places for a “stargazing sleep.”

Have somewhere you’re dying to go and want to learn a little more about it? Let us know by leaving a comment below and help shape our next travel article!

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Falling asleep beneath a star sprinkled sky is the stuff of dreams, fairy tales and rom-coms. Or maybe not it seems; at the Nkwichi Lodge in Mozambique you can slumber under the night sky on their gorgeous new ‘Lake of Stars Bed.’ Pitched up on a private rock island on the banks of Lake Malawi, this new stargazing bed makes for the ultimate African sleep under the darkest of night skies.

Al Hillawi camp in Jordan is a traditional Bedouin camp set in miles of open desert, which make it an unimpeachable place for stargazing at the clear night skies, unencumbered by light pollution. The camp features 200 double tents with the capacity to serve 500 guests and offers traditional Bedouin food, folklore and best of all, the opportunity to sample the dignity and hospitality of the natives.

Makanyane’s Lodge in South Africa is a private and exclusive land, home to many idyllic locations, vast plains and picturesque landscapes. Rustic hides have been set up in secret locations throughout the lodge providing unbeatable opportunities to spy on the many animals that inhabit the area. At night you can sleep out under a velvet canopy in one of the hides beneath a blanket of stars and experience the ambiance of the bush at night time.

‘May the stars be with you, shining for your eyes along their celestial dance,’ reads the welcome message at Elqui Domos, a magical retreat located in a remote valley between Santiago and Atacama, in Chile. The retreat consists of seven spherical domes with removable roofs plus four stilted wooden houses with glass ceilings, all set in the stunning Elqui Valley, famed for clear skies. Elqui Domos is unique, exclusive and intimate, not to mention an stargazers dream.

In the eastern valley of the Loisaba Wilderness in Kenya, overlooking the Kiboko waterhole is the dramatically designed Mukokoteni Star Bed. Nestled on a handcrafted wooden raised platform, and partially covered with a thatched roof, the Star Bed can either be wheeled onto the open deck area for a night under the stars, or left under the shelter of the roof. The Star Beds can be reached on foot or by horse, camel or vehicle and guests are guided and hosted by a team of traditional Samburu and Laikipiak Maasai warriors.

Hidden away deep in the Blue Mountains in Australia, is the Blue Mountain Camp. Here you can enjoy a night under the stars from your bed (an authentic twist on an Australian swag) on a raised wooden platform in the middle of the bush. Life goes back to basics at the Blue Mountain Camp, with a hint of eco-luxury. This is not your conventional resort; there are no swimming pools or fine dining facilities. Instead, take a dip in the river that runs beside the resort and kick back under the canopy by the bank whilst your guide prepares you a traditional Australian camp-oven roast fit for a king.

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