Starbucks App Will Soon Let You Pre-Order From Your Phone

Caffeine freaks, rejoice: You’ll soon be able to pre-order your Starbucks grande non-fat no foam extra-hot latte straight from your phone.

starbucks coffee pre-order app

According to tech site re/code, the Seattle-based coffee giant is rolling out a plan to allow customers in an undisclosed geographic test market to start placing pickup orders from the Starbucks app later this year. And it’s not just an experiment: The company has definite plans to introduce the technology nationwide, according to the Starbucks’ Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman.

“We will do this and we will get it right,” Brotman told re/code.

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It sounds like a fantastic idea in theory—anyone’s who’s stepped foot in a busy Starbucks location at 9 a.m. will attest to that—but it probably won’t be without its challenges.

For one, we’re talking about coffee here. If it’s left out too long it’ll get cold, so the customer will wait to get it warmed up, which pretty much eradicates the pre-order ease. As re/code pointed out, Starbucks is well aware of that, and has been testing the order-ahead process inside a model store.

Plus, there’s the risk that your order won’t be ready when you arrive to pick it up, which likely could incense customers, and will create a whole new set of lines.

Obviously, we’re just spitballing here: Starbucks knows what they’re doing, and it’ll be interesting to see how they handle what’s sure to be massive quantities of complicated pre-ordered drinks.

Head over to re/code now to read much more about the plans for Starbucks’ new plans, and let us one: Will you be using the pre-order feature?