The Star Wars Holiday Gift We Didn’t Get (But Really Want)

Summer K

OK, honestly Santa didn’t let us down this year. In fact he was awfully generous with all the designer goodies, gift cards and beauty swag he sent our way. And yet there was one gift we failed to ask for that we’re desperately coveting right now.

Princess Leia headphone covers. Oh sure, these will most likely repel most of the men in your life (with the exception of the Comic Con contingent), but how can you not love these sci-fi style essentials? Perfect for the cold winter months, you can simply don these instead of some ear muffs and rock out on you way to work every morning. (Did we also mention they come in a variety of colors to match your hair too?)

Thank-you Geekologie for introducing us to this must-have geek chic essential. Man repelling be damned — you can bet we’ll be picking up a pair come 2012.

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