Stan Lee Goes Rom-Com With a Romeo and Juliet Remake

Jessica Hoppe
Stan Lee Goes Rom-Com With a Romeo and Juliet Remake
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The iconic creator of Spider Man, Stan Lee, seeks to cast a wider net by showing his softer side through a graphic novel remake of the most legendary love story of them all: Romeo and Juliet.

But if you’re expecting a classic think again. The historic tale gets the Comic-Con treatment replacing lords and ladies with robots,modern machinery and superpowered people (ain’t dystopian love grand?) — all illustrated by Thai artist Skan Srisuwan. USA Today reports:

Romeo and Juliet: The War casts the doomed lovers in a futuristic Empire of Verona that’s chock full of superhuman soldiers. The powerful cyborgs of the Montagues and the genetically enhanced human Capulets are battling factions, and amid this war, a Montague named Romeo and a Capulet called Juliet fall in love and plan to secretly marry. They count on their pairing to finally bring peace to Verona.

We’ve seen Romeo and Juliet set to music a la 1950s NYC withWest Side Story and spring up again on the modern streets of Venice Beach inBaz Luhrmann‘s modern-day rendition,Romeo + Juliet — and now our star-crossed lovers are going intergalactic with Stan Lee‘s graphic novel. (We’ll take this over Pride and Prejudice and Zombies any day!)

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[Images via USA Today]