Found: White Jeans That Resist Stains (Also Known As The Best Thing Ever)

Sarah Barnes

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What: A pair of white jeans that’ll repel stains. Um, why has nobody thought of this before?

Why: We love a solid pair of white skinny jeans, but it’s pretty much a universal truth that keeping them clean is impossible. Between inevitable run-ins with coffee, wine, or simply the day’s grime, it seems our white denim is always in need of a serious bleach job. Fortunately, the geniuses at Joe’s Jeans have created a line of stain resistant white jeans, that features six classic styles engineered to be stain-proof.

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The wash treatment will repel liquid-based spills such as water, coffee, soda and wine, though it won’t nix pigment-based formulas such as makeup, nail polish, or paint (who paints in white jeans?) According to Joe’s, the expected longevity of the treatment is approximately 20 home washes.  

How: Wear them now with an oversized sweater and booties, and when the weather warms up, pair them with a cotton tank top and a killer pair of sandals.

Annie ‘Spotless’ Skinny Jeans, $179; at Joe’s Jeans