Spring’s Raciest Fashion Magazine Editorials


Temperatures are rising and we think it may have a little something to do with the smoking hot editorials that keep popping up on the newsstands. Now that spring is officially here, and so are the latest magazine issues, we’ve compiled a few of the sexiest editorials below that will have you lusting, literally, over the season’s fashion trends.

Daria Werbowy shot by Mario Testino for French Vogue
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Photos: Mario Testino, French Vogue

Daria Werbowry channeled a young Jane Birkin in Mario Testino’s La Decadance for the May issue of Paris Vogue. Inspired by photographs of Birkin and Serge Gainbourg circa 1971, this looks like a torrid affair we’d gladly reenact any day of the week.

Kate Moss shot by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Hommes International
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Photos: Mario Sorrenti, Vogue Hommes International

We love it every time Kate Moss and Mario Sorrenti hook up and conjoin their two separate but amazing styles. Besides her undeniable sex appeal, Moss looks positively tranquil in these gorgeous photos. Chalk it up to experience at at an early age scantily-clad Calvin Klein campaigns natch.

Tori Praver shot by Matt Jones for Elle Italia
91951 1273767302 Springs Raciest Fashion Magazine Editorials
Photos: Matt Jones, Elle Italia

This story starts out innocently enough, but what appears to be just another summer camping trip quickly turns so hot that it could melt the s’mores right off our sticks. Whether you consider yourself an outdoorsy gal or not, there is no denying that model Tori Praver makes it look like a good time. With all that bare skin, we hope she brought along some bug spray.

Alessandra Ambrosio shot by David Burton for French Elle
91949 1273767274 Springs Raciest Fashion Magazine Editorials
Photos: David Burton, French Elle

The girl can’t help it. No matter what she may be doing, from sleeping in to working out at home, Alessandra Ambrosio always looks super hot even with not-so-sexy workout elastic bands. Also, we’re really impressed by her good form in that headstand. Namaste!

Paola Kudacki for Hercules
91948 1273767260 Springs Raciest Fashion Magazine Editorials
Photos: Paola Kudacki, Hercules

What is it about Brazilian girls that always seems to look perfectly undone, in the tousled, just-rolled-out-of-bed kind of way? Paola Kudacki captures the smouldering sex sirens in black and white, highlighting all their most dangerous curves.

Rebecca Chandler shot by Robert Harper for Pop.com
91947 1273767248 Springs Raciest Fashion Magazine Editorials
Photo: Robert Harper, Pop.com

We have a pretty good idea about what’s going on in Robert Harper’s moody erotic images of Givenchy runway favorite Rebecca Chandler. After all, fur jackets are the new must-have for any proper afternoon delight.

Natasha Poly shot by Mario Sorrenti for French Vogue
91945 1273767230 Springs Raciest Fashion Magazine Editorials
Photo: Mario Sorrenti, French Vogue

We couldn’t help but double back to the May issue of French Vogue and give Sorrenti another chance to seduce us with his hotter-than-summer-pavement images. Natasha Poly is practically sizzlingin Plage Privee, Sorrenti’s homage to the simple pleasures of summer.

Valeria Dmitrienko shot by Jam for FutureClaw
91950 1273767282 Springs Raciest Fashion Magazine Editorials
Photo: Jam, FutureClaw

Bridalwear is known more for its playing princess vibe. Not so when interpreted by Valeria Dmitrienko, who takes a turn for the lens as a sultry bride on the run through this deserted town. With a veil that beautiful (and the body to match) we’d consider skipping the dress too.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for British GQ
91953 1273768087 Springs Raciest Fashion Magazine Editorials
Photo: Ellen von Unwerth, British GQ

Men’s mags know exactly what audience they’re pandering to. Leave it to the boys at GQ to leave us breathless with the sexy pairing of photographer Ellen von Unwerth and pouty-lipped Brit, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Masha Rudenko shot by Zoey Grossman for Oyster
91946 1273767240 Springs Raciest Fashion Magazine Editorials
Photo: Zoey Grossman, Oyster

Oyster shows us that springtime isn’t all about sweetness and soft flowy dresses. Model Masha Rudenko gets down and dirty with the freshest blooms and shows us how a little tough love (and stiletto boots) can be all the wardrobe we need.

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