Top Spring Looks for Men from Style Blogger Isaac Hindin-Miller

Laurel Pinson

Isaac Hindin-Miller is a menswear writer and stylist from New Zealand who moved to New York about a year ago. Besides blogging on his site, Isaac Likes, he contributes to the New York Times and Park & Bond and enjoys karaoke, dressing his girlfriend in his own clothes, and long telephone conversations with his mother. (He was also featured in our latest editorial featuring top style bloggers and their fall picks!) You should probably follow him on Instagram: isaaclikes_

The key to menswear success, as Scott Sternberg recently told’s Matthew Schneier, is to not make a fashion statement. “You realize after a while, your fabric is your brand. Your fit is your brand. They want to see the same thing in a fresh way every time.”

As a fashion writer who also dabbles in menswear consumerism, I’m not interested in trends or the hottest look of the season. I’m looking for clothing that everyday men can wear. Right now, that means deconstructed jackets, tailored pants worn with a cuff, spread-collar or button-down shirts in oxford broadcloths and a lot of chambray. Levi’s 501s
with a plain white tee would work, too. Guess what? I could have written this 50 years ago and said the same thing. And that’s the crux of menswear. It’s not to reinvent the wheel or to put guys in a skirt or jeggings or fruity jewelry; it’s to develop a signature look of solid, basic fashion, with some hero pieces thrown in for good measure. This gallery showcases my favorite looks of the Spring/Summer 2013 season that exemplify precisely what I’m talking about.

Some of it’s conservative, some of it’s not, but either which way, it’s some damn fine menswear. I LIKE YOU!