Spring Staple: 7 Pairs Of Awesome Sunglasses For Under $70

Liz Doupnik

OK, so I’m totally guilty of not taking care of my sunglasses. I can’t help it. Between running to work, throwing sunnies into my bag sans case, leaving them on top of my hair or in my gym bag, they definitely experience they’re share of wear and tear. So, it’s pretty difficult for me to justify dropping a chunk of change on an expensive pair when I know they’re just going to end up lost or destroyed in a month.

Here’s the kicker though: I have really sensitive eyes and in addition to me being completely obsessed with eyewear being the final touch to my look. So! What’s the solution? Obviously I can’t wander around the city aimlessly squinting (do you know what that does for a girl’s wrinkles?!) but my bank account shouldn’t have to suffer for my clumsiness either. That’s why I took to the Internet to find some great scores that are both trend right and completely affordable to do a quick round-up of great finds.

Click through the slideshow to check out seven great styles for under $70 and enjoy getting out in that gorgeous springtime weather!

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