22 Spring Flowers In Bloom Now

Leah Bourne

DSC_0367The best part of spring, besides the chance to forgo your puffer jacket for a trench, is undoubtedly the blooming flowers, everywhere. Want to know what flowers to be on the lookout for at your local flower market? We have you covered with a definitive list. Now amateur florists, get to work.
Allium: This flower is often referred to as the “flowering onion,” and is pretty spectacular.
Anemone: This is a pale blue and white starry blossom, perfect for getting in the mood for spring.
Daffodil: This flower begins to appear in early spring.
Dogwood Tree: Perfect for planting in spring gardens.
Hyacinth: Not only do they look beautiful, they smell great.
Forsythia: A bright yellow shrub, the color can’t be beat.
Iris Reticulata: Small iris’ begin to appear in early spring.
Jack in the Pulpit: This wildflower is great for adding to bohemian-inspired flower arrangements.
Lilac: This shrub begins to appear in late spring.
Lily of the Valley: Depending on the weather, lily of the valley will begin to appear in late spring.
Magnolia Trees: This tree begins to bloom early.
Muscari: Usually planted alongside daffodils and tulips, this flower hugs the ground.
Peony: When in doubt when deciding on what to add to a spring flower arrangement, go for the peonies.
Pussy Willow: It’s easy to create a simple minimalist arrangement with pussy willows.
Primrose: A springtime jewel, utilize this flower while you can.
Redbud Tree: These trees bloom before their leaves even appear.
Rhododendron and Azalea: These flowers begin to pop up in spring.
Scilla: These small bulbs produce blue and purple blossoms.
Spiraea: Shrubs, these are perfect for a spring garden.
Tulip: This springtime favorite begin their long period of bloom in mid-spring.
Trillium: This wildflower begins to pop up in spring.
Wood Anemone: With variations in lilac and white, this is another wildflower to take advantage of in spring.
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