Spring Break Body, 2 Weeks To Get It!


If you’ve spent the last couple of weeks procrastinating, knowing full well that spring break is creeping up on you, then it’s time to get your little behinds in gear. Most of you only have about two weeks left to get those bikini-worthy bodies before your spring break trips. But don’t go getting all defeated just yet! According to the girls behind WellandGoodNYC.com, Melisse Gelula and Alexia Brue, two weeks is still plenty of time to get that perfect spring break body. So start following their tips below and get to work!

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Time to get a personal trainer
Now is the time to make use of those free personal training sessions that came with your gym membership. If you don’t have one, then its time to pony up for at least six sessions that youll do over two weeks. A good trainer will have you make use of heavy weights (8-pound hand weights) and spend lots of time on your glutes and quads. Targeting the biggest muscle groups more quickly revs up your metabolism, meaning youll burn more fat even while at rest its the most efficient way to get results. All the better if youre heart-rate is up while youre at it.

Self-motivated types should try interval training
Runners and athletes do intervals high-speed sprints of two minutes or so interspersed with lower-intensity trots of about three minutes to improve their time, endurance and VO2 level (lung capacity). For the rest of us, intervals surprise the body into working really hard to figure out how to adjust, so it burns mucho calories. You can often pack this type of training into 25 minutes. Not a fan of the treadmill? Try intervals in the form of TRX training or with kettlebells.

Cut out all forms of sugar and gluten
You know refined carbs and useless starches are bad for you, but sugar and gluten (found in wheat) have also been seriously implicated in slowing down the bodys fat-burning process. BTW: This includes alcohol, which is a sugar! You should also be watching your fruit intake. An ounce or two per day of blueberries with a low-fat Greek yogurt or a half of banana in a whey protein shake is all you might want to do if fat-burning is your goal. Add a fish oil supplement, spirulina tablets and drink a glass of green tea (iced is fine!), which have been shown to support weight loss. Your diet accounts for about 75 percent of your weight and waistline, so exercise alone wont do it.

Find the right fitness class
Do you lack motivation when left to workout on your own? Tough group fitness classes that meet regularly and have a devoted following can help get you in terrific shape fast. A few favorites in New York City: IntenSati, a non-stop cardio-toning class that includes (cathartic) positive affirmations. The fit bods and the regular fans of this class are super inspiring. Also try FlyBarre, which pairs concentrated movements and deep-muscle conditioning with intense stretching. Within 8 to 12 classes, you will witness a decrease in body fat, firmer thighs, flatter abs, a toned and lifted butt and improved posture with strong shoulders rolling down your back, says its creator Kate Bohner.

Marloes Horst Photo: Princesse Tam Tam Spring 2011, via FGR