Spring 2015 Trend: Layered Skirts


From left: Jil Sander, Peter Som, Chanel


When it comes to outfits, layering is nothing new. If anything, the latest crop of street style stars have shown that if you can’t combine textures or layer several tops all at once, then you’re not trying hard enough.

Well, it seems that the latest crop of spring collections are heading in even bolder directions when it comes to new layering ideas. Take, for example, the trend we’ve spotted at several shows involving layering a skirt over a pair of pants.

Then there’s the whole skirts-over-dresses trend. Just thinking about the idea might eyebrows furrow, but seen in action at shows like Peter Som and Tome, one wonders why we didn’t think of it earlier. (Hint: It works best when the skirt acts as a sort of cinch for a flowy dress.)

The best part? You don’t have to buy anything new to try this trend out for yourself—just play with pieces you already have.