Fashion Easter Eggs! DIY These Spring Runway-Inspired Eggs

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Decorating colorful Easter eggs is a fun way to celebrate the spring season, and we take the job of celebrating very seriously. This year, when it came time to bust out the paints, dye, and cartons of fresh eggs, we decided to take inspiration from our favorite Spring 2015 runway trends and style our eggs accordingly.

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The trends we chose for our DIY Easter eggs range from the gingham prints at Oscar de la Renta to the floral embellishments at Thom Browne. We even fashioned a couple tiny obi karate belts  that this season can’t seem to get enough of.

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Read ahead to check out our DIY guide to decorating fashion inspired easter eggs, and get ready for the most stylish holiday yet!


1. Gingham Easter Eggs

Gingham prints were everywhere on the Spring 2015 runways. With that in mind we couldn’t help but recreate this Oscar de la Renta look in Easter egg form. The key to this look is to mix black and white paint to create a faded black/grey color. Use long, thin lines of tape to create a clean, straight pattern. This egg is definitely for those who have patience!


2. Blue and White Graphic Easter Eggs

As soon as we saw this Alice & Olivia dress, we fell in love with its vibrant blue print. To create clean lines, start out by stenciling on the prints with a pencil and then fill them in with blue paint. Voila, you have yourself an Alice & Olivia egg!


3. Denim Easter Eggs

Denim is a huge trend for Spring 2015, and we’re obsessing over the rock and roll vibes of this Tommy Hilfiger patched denim look! Start by cutting out tiny little rectangles from three or four shades of denim (craft stores have sheets of denim fabric that would be perfect for a project like this). Do your best to make the lines as clean as possible when you cut the denim. Finish by gluing the denim rectangles to the egg.


4. 70’s Metallic Easter Eggs

70’s inspired pieces were all over the runways for Spring, and Saint Laurent ruled this trend with gorgeous metallics. For this egg, we started off by painting it gold and rolling it around in gold glitter for that extra pop. Finish off the egg by creating a belt, wrapping the center of the egg with red ribbon.


5. Pop Art Easter Eggs

For this fun Loewe-inspired egg, start out by covering the entire egg with one or two coats of  black paint. Once the paint is dry, go ahead and cut out cute little shapes from pieces of felt. Using craft glue, apply glue on the back for your cut-out shapes and stick them on your egg for a three-dimensional look.


6. Polka Dot Easter Eggs

To get the three-dimensional look of this Dolce & Gabbana dress, begin by using a plain white egg. Make sure to wipe off any dust or dirt, which will help the dots stick. Place the black dots sporadically across the egg, using a variety of different sizes. We recommend using ones that already have adhesive on the back, as glue often creates a mess that is hard to leave off the shell.


7. Floral Easter Eggs

For this festive Thom Browne egg, start by using an egg stand and painting your egg entirely black. After it has fully dried, use different floral stickers and crystals that you can find in any craft store and place them randomly across your egg. To gain the whimsical nature of Browne’s suit, use stickers and crystals that range in sizes, colors, and shapes.


8. Polka Dot Easter Eggs

Junya Wantabe brought geometry to the runway for his Spring 2015 season. To recreate this monochrome polka dot dress, begin by tracing circles on black and white construction paper (the number of circles and sizes can range). Once you are done cutting them, apply them to a clean egg. A helpful trick is to use a glue stick rather than paste, as it will allow the circles to lay flat on the egg. Finish off by having the dots overlap. Viola, your Junya Watanabe egg is complete.


9. Pearl Easter Eggs 

To create this gorgeous Balenciaga pearl ensemble, start off by wrapping the middle of the egg with a thin piece of tape to create perfect lines. Then, paint the top half of the egg an eggshell (no pun intended) color and the bottom half black. Instead of gluing pearls to the egg, we used stick on pearls found at most craft stores! Quick tip: To get the perfect pearly, eggshell color, we mixed a skin-tone color and white paint.


10. Obi Belt Easter Eggs

Here at StyleCaster, we’re obsessing over obi belts for the spring, which is why we were so excited to recreate this Rebecca Taylor look. We scored some blue leather lace at our local craft store to create the perfect petite obi belt. Start off my mixing some blue and white paint to get this gorgeous shade, and paint the entire egg. To match the belt to the egg, go ahead and throw a coat of paint on the leather lace. Once dry, tie the leather lace around the egg multiple times to create a thick belt, and complete the look with a cute little knot!

Photos: Tiffany Hagler-Geard
Art Direction: Rolando Robínson