Spotted: Little J Not So Little Anymore


Taylor Momsen, the girl who would eat a boy her age alive, was spotted arriving on the set of Gossip Girl earlier this morning. Her first stop? The coffee cart. No worries, Little J, we can’t function without ritual morning caffeine injections either.

Looks like Jenny Humphrey ain’t in Brooklyn anymore. Proof? Her bountiful blonde locks (we miss your mullet), Ray-Ban shades, studded purse…and the fact that the set is on the Upper East Side right now.

So much for being a non-conformist rebel without a cause. We’ve seen a rendition of that midnight blue silk mini-dress, cropped leather jacket and strappy sandal-look walking around New York City one too many times in the last year.

You’re looking more and more Constance Billard prep-school ready everyday.

Wait, we just had a thought, does the change in hairstyle (yes, we’re still not over the mullet), outfit, and attitude mean that Little J is on her way to usurping the throne? Queen J just doesn’t sound the same as Queen B. We hope you don’t do anything rash, like start acting nice to freshman, or discontinue hazing before initiation into the in-crowd. Maybe you should watch a few episodes of NYC Prep, to draw inspiration from some of the real bullies.

You’re killing us here, CW. We need answers.

Until the next (sigh) Gossip Girl sighting, XOXO.