Spotted: Gossip Girl Set Returns To Normal


After several sightings, that included Tyra Banks on set looking like the Wicked Witch of the West, Chuck Bass emulating Danny Zuko, Blair trying to channel her inner-hipster, and Hilary Duff (just her existence, in general), we were getting a little nervous for the fate of Gossip Girl season three. Too much experimentation isn’t always a good thing. Remember the ’80s episode last season? Yeah, we didn’t watch either.

Well, we’re nervous no more, because sightings from this morning’s set seem to prove that all is well on the Upper East Side.

Jenny Humphrey’s mullet (above photo) is making a comeback (confession: we’re sort of happy about it.) She’s also traded in her little silk dress and super high heels for a motorcycle jacket and flat booties. Very Lil’ J.


Serena’s walking onto set, wearing a strapless cocktail gown in broad daylight, obviously, while on the phone (Gossip Girling, duh), and holding The Prince of Thieves (product placement, anyone?).


And Chuck. Our hearts are melting. Chuck finally looks like himself again; no duck lips, no tank top, just Chuck. Look at that handsome broad, clad in purple button down, matching tie, vest, suit pants, and a pair of shoes every man should own. We love the sunglasses, too. Swoon.

Until the next Gossip Girl sighting, XOXO.