Spotted: Gossip Girl Goes Retro


This season is either going to Rocktober or Sucktober the month of…October.

The latest Gossip Girl sightings include scenes of the cast geared in roaring ’20s-inspired duds. This includes Leighton Meester stepping into character wearing a flapper costume and one too many strands of black pearls, Hilary Duff chatting on her cell phone, Gossip Girling (cheesy joke alert…er, the worst part is, I’ve made it once before) while walking to the set in her own rendition of a flapper costume, which may or may not double as a look from Alice + Olivia‘s Spring 2007 sequin-overloaded collection. Where’s your new beau Dan, sugar lips?



Chuck wears a pinstriped suit with red shirt and slicked back hair. Works for the 1920’s…or present day in Bass-world.


Love your Loubs, S. Serena‘s bust seems to be steadily growing as she rocks a strange hair accessory that may or may not remind us all too much of our high school lunch ladies (though we never wish to see so much skin exposed on said lunch ladies), while walking with Dan, clad in a fedora, vest, and rolled up sleeves, we’re not sure what he’s thinking, he’s exactly gangster.

Usually, we would just assume that the costumes are somehow related to the parties that St. Jude and Constance Billard prep schools throw bi-annually…but uh, the kids are out of high school, so how do we explain this? One of Blair’s Audrey Hepburn-inspired dreams, perhaps? Or maybe a group Halloween costume? Whatever the answer, we just want to know two things: what will Little J wear to this gala? We’re pretty sure mullets didn’t surface until after 1920s…and where the hell has Nate been this season?

Until the next Gossip Girl sighting, XOXO.