Spotted: Dan and Duff, Locking Lips on the Set of Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl sightings continue, which only means season three is still far from airing…should we even bother watching? We may or may not have already pieced together the entire season from sneak peek photos. Here’s spoiler alert #294: Lonely boy (not so lonely anymore) and Hilary Duff are spotted sharing a kiss on set. It was only a short time ago when Lizzie McGuire was experiencing her first kiss on the Disney channel, look at her now (insert shedding tears here.)

The early speculations we had about Duff and Dan becoming an on-set couple are obviously true. Unless they aren’t and Dan is just experiencing another lapse of judgment Georgina-ruining-Serena’s-life style.

While we have noted all the changes taking place on set: Blair turns downtown chic, Vanessa turns uptown confused, and Chuck turns Danny Zuko, Dan seems to have remained exactly the same. Plaid shirt and jeans intact, leather messenger bag on arm. Snooze, Humphrey. Give us something more than “I’m a writer with no money, bla bla bla” to work with.

As we continue to ponder Dan’s stagnant persona and Duff’s general existence on Gossip Girl (and in life)…Here’s something to swoon over: Chuck Bass pinstriping-it down Madison Avenue…call me!


Until the next Gossip Girl sighting, XOXO.